Developing an accurate understanding of the precise number of people moving through densely crowded and high-traffic areas is an invaluable asset for safety and security professionals as well as for marketing intelligence initiatives which bring your business to higher competitive advantage.
Using 3D technology camera, its unique tracking and segmentation ability, the sensor could provide up to 95% accuracy directional count and great ability to differentiate human and objects.
The People Counter provides highly accurate real-time data on the number of people moving through a specific detection area, and allows the following applications :

  • Performance: Stores use “people counting” metrics to understand how many shoppers came to the store. Sales Conversion, the ratio of traffic to sales, helps retailers compare the performance of each store.
    How many people who came into Store A made a purchase? Store B? Top tier retailers operate thousands of stores so having consistent performance measures are vital.

  • Customer Service: Wait times at queues and service times are critical to return visits. Everyone hates to wait, so providing a consistent and acceptable wait time influences how frequently customers return and can influence their average spend per trip.

  • Staffing: People traffic determines the amount of labor needed to service visitors as well as the labor needed to keep them safe. Overstaffing cuts into profits, under-staffing frustrates customers & causes potential lost sales.

  • Product placement and signage: People traffic and shopper dwell patterns are used to determine where to place products and signage, and how to allocate space.

  • Safety: Occupancy is a basic safety measure for physical spaces. Traffic figures determine where security staff are positioned and how many are required.

People counting applications