Tailgate Detector (Anti-tailgate)

Today's access control systems are designed to help control and manage authorized access into secured areas. Ensuring that every individual has properly presented a valid ID or successfully cleared biometric identification is amajor challenge security professionals face. The prevention of tailgating and piggybacking, in other words, cheating or outsmarting the system, is a problem existing solutions do not sufficently.

The tailgate detector Tdflex from IEE offers a solution by additional security layer to existing access control system and its controller using digital I/O interface.

Mantrap (Interlock door)

Ensuring only single or group of users to highly secured area , TDflex can monitor number of people entered and leaved the interlock room.

  • Monitors any space within two or more interlocking doors
  • Continuously provides the occupancy status of the mantrap to safely control doors
  • For single person transfer and multiple people at a time
  • Counts the number of people in the mantrap for higher throughput without compromising security.