Suprema XPass 2

XPass 2 offers superior ingress protection with its IP65, IP67 rated rugged structure. The device provides superior protection against invasive moisture, dust and even liquids.

Suprema Xpass S2

Slim design and featuring IP65-rated protection, meticulous sealing, and extra protective engineering, it is ensured that XPass S2 will operate with unmatched reliability in all type of installation environments.


DUALI DQ-mini is an wiegand interface proximity card and QR code reader. Supports Cepas 2.0, ISO-14443AB, Mifare series, ISO 18092(NFC) and FeliCa.


DUALI DE-620 is a USB NFC-enabled multiprotocol contact/contactless card interface device with modern slim design. It shows stable and high performance, fully interoperable with other devices supporting various contactless/contact applications such as cards, tags, dongles, wristband and NFC mobiles. Cards supported cepas/ezlink,Mifare,Felica

Duali DE-950

DUALI DE-950 is a IP65 proximity reader with weigand/serial interface that supports 32/34/64/66bit wiegand format and Cepas/ezlink, ISO-14443AB, Mifare classic, ISO 18092(NFC) and FeliCa.

CHIYU Webpass

CHIYU Webpass RFID Reader

Webpass RFID reader is a standalone device that comes with an optional PoE module, IP54, bulit-in controller and web access. Optional Card type support : EM / Mifare / HID.