Suprema XPass 2

XPass 2 offers superior ingress protection with its IP65, IP67 rated rugged structure. The device provides superior protection against invasive moisture, dust and even liquids.

Xpass S2

Slim design and featuring IP65-rated protection, meticulous sealing, and extra protective engineering, it is ensured that XPass S2 will operate with unmatched reliability in all type of installation environments.


DQ-mini is an wiegand interface proximity card and QR code reader. Supports Cepas 2.0, ISO-14443AB, Mifare series, ISO 18092(NFC) and FeliCa.

DE 620

DE-620 is a NFC-enabled multiprotocol contact/contactless card interface device with modern slim design. It shows stable and high performance, fully interoperable with other devices supporting various contactless/contact applications such as cards, tags, dongles, wristband and NFC mobiles. Cards supported cepas/ezlink,Mifare,Felica

Duali DE-950

DE-950 is a IP65 proximity reader with weigand/serial interface that supports 32/34/64/66bit wiegand format and Cepas/ezlink, ISO-14443AB, Mifare classic, ISO 18092(NFC) and FeliCa.

Dragon BT (bluetooth)

Dragon BT can read tag/card information by NFC and sends out data to Android tablet/smartphone via Bluetooth. Its mobility and compact design suitable for card reading anywhere.