Suprema FaceStation 2

Surpema FaceStation 2

The new FaceStation 2 is the most advanced face recognition terminal providing loads of the world’s best features. Powered by Suprema’s latest innovation in facial biometrics, FaceStation 2 offers unrivalled matching speed, accuracy and level of security.

Suprema Biostation 3

Suprema BioStation 3

Suprema BioStation 3 , AI-Based Facial Authentication with Higher Efficiency and Performance. A high-performance AI algorithm provides accurate facial authentication in any lighting, brightness, dim or backlit environment.

Suprema Facestation F2

Suprema FaceStation F2 ODB

Facestation F2 ODB is a fusion multimodal terminal with facial, fingerprint and card mode verification. Experience the exceptional authentication accuracy and anti-spoofing performance achieved by Suprema’s unique Fusion technology.

Suprema BioEntry P2

Suprema BioEntry P2

Suprema BioEntry P2 is a compact fingerprint access control device featuring Suprema’s next generation biometric technology and security platform

Suprema Biostation A2

Suprema BioStation A2

Suprema BioStation A2 shows off extended versatility with its built-in 2MP wide-angle camera that captures high resolution face captures through face detection for image logs.

Suprema BioLite N2

Suprema BioLite N2

Suprema BioLite N2 is a Suprema’s 2nd generation outdoor fingerprint terminal that provides comprehensive access control and time attendance features based on Suprema's latest biometric technology and security platform.

Chiyu Biosense

CHIYU Biosense fingerprint reader

The Biosense terminal features a color screen design for either access control or time attendance management, with built in controller and standalone webaccess.


Iris Recognition (EF45)

The EF45 from CMITECH is the industry’s first dual iris recognition system to employ face display-based positioning for an intuitive, fast and effortless user experience.

Techsphere VP-IIX

Hand Vascular Pattern recogntion (VP-II X)

The Hand Vascular Pattern Recognition (HVPR) technology verifies users utilizing individually unique vascular patterns extracted from the hypoderm below the surface of the skin of the back of the hand using an infra-red based sensor device.